Opening times

Note : cash desk close one hour before the park’s closing time. No exit and re-entry after your ticket has been checked. 

  • From January 24th to February 3rd: 10am - 5pm. FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY. Closed on Monday.
  • From February 4th to March 5th: 9.30am - 6pm. EVERYDAY.
  • From March 7th to March 31st: FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY : 10am - 5pm. Closed on Monday.
  • From April 1st to July 13th: 9.30am - 6pm. EVERYDAY.
  • From July 14th to August 27th:  9.30am - 19pm. EVERYDAY.
  • From August 28th to September 10th: 9.30am - 6pm. EVERYDAY.
  • From September 12nd to October 20th: 10am - 5pm. FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY Closed on Monday.
  • From October 21st to November 5th: 9.30am - 6pm. EVERYDAY.
  • From November 7th to December 22nd: 10am - 5pm. FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY. Closed on Monday.
  • From December 23rd to 31st December 2017: 9.30am - 6pm. EVERYDAY. Closed on December 25th and January 1st.
  • From January 2 to January 7 2018 : 9.30 am - 6pm. EVERYDAY.